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迪肯大学Peter Hodgson教授学术报告
2019-10-31 17:03 于聪聪    (点击: )

报告题目:Advanced characterisation methods applied to next generation steels and other alloys

主讲人:Peter Hodgson 教授,澳大利亚科学与技术院 院士,迪肯大学 (Deakin University, Australia)

报告地点:材料学院 材料馆201

报告时间:2019111 上午09:45

校内联系人: 王同敏


Steels can seem to the typical materials scientist as boring! However, they exhibit an amazing range of properties and physical phenomena. Until recently the typical approach was to change a composition or parameter and then measure the changes and then empirically develop structure-property relationships. However, advanced characterization linked to modelling (which will not be discussed in this presentation) and then linked to the properties has opened up a range of new opportunities based on manipulating the microstructure at various scale lengths: micro, meso, nano, atomic. In this presentation one aspect will be considered where 3D site specific atom probe tomography can be used to study such phenomena.


Prof. Hodgson was the Fellow of Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (2011), Victoria’s first Australian Laureate Fellow (2009) and ARC Federation Fellow (2004). He was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Pro Vice-Chancellor Strategic Partnerships and Director of the Institute for Frontier Materials. Prior to that he was Professor of Engineering and Head of the School of Engineering and Technology at Deakin University. Professor Hodgson has over 600 research publications and has presented more than 40 keynote lectures at international conferences related to the physical metallurgy and modelling of steels. He received a Doctoris Honoris Causa from the University of Valenciennes in France for contributions to metal forming in 2005 and a Faculty Medal from AGH Poland in 2006 for contributions to Materials Science.

Research interests

Professor Hodgson's research includes steel processing and the development of new alloys, and downstream ferrous and non-ferrous manufacturing processes associated with the automotive industry. He currently holds several ARC Discovery and Linkage grants, all related to metal processing.