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2018-10-24 13:50 郭恩宇    (点击: )

报告题目:Atomistics of Pre-nucleation Phenomena of Liquid Metals at Solid Substrates

主讲人:董洪标 教授,英国莱斯特大学 (The University of Leicester, UK)


报告时间:20181030日 上午900

校内邀请人: 王同敏


X-Ray crystal truncation rod (CTR) scattering methods are developed to detect in-situ the pre-nucleation phenomena of liquid Al at the interface with sapphire, which represents a nucleant  substrate for Al. The measured structure factors of the CTR are interpreted to identify the atomic arrangement near the surface. Analysis of the phenomena kinetics reveals the pre nucleation liquid layering to be an adsorption process driven by interfacial energy reduction.


Prof Dong is internationally renowned for his work on solidification and its application in casting, welding and additive manufacturing of metals and alloys (3D-printing of metal). He joined the Department of Engineering at the University of Leicester in 2004 as Lecturer,  was promoted to Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor. He obtained the BEng and MEng degrees from University of Science and Technology Beijing, and his DPhil from the University of Oxford in 2000. He is a Research Chair of Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society industry fellow at Rolls Royce Plc, Director of EPSRC CDT in innovative metal processing, Science Director of TWI-LEicester Materials innovation centre, Director of NISCO UK Research Centre.