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保加利亚材料科学学院Nikolay Tontchev教授学术讲座
2018-04-26 15:30     (点击: )

讲座题目:About the Role of Material Science and Informatics Science in the Process of Technological Modes Design

主讲人:Nikolay Tontchev 教授


讲座时间:2018428 8:30




The core materials knowledge needed in the accelerated design, development, and deployment of new and improved materials is most accessible when cast in the form of computationally low cost and reliable process-structure-property linkages. The main objective of the present lecture is to introduce the computational methods to analyze and predict the technological processes, chemical composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of magnesium and titanium components. Multicriteria Aid for Decision Making by Movable Limits (MADMML) is presented to determine the optimal combinations of control factors satisfying the requirements given beforehand by a decision maker. Moreover, models of regression analysis and parallel numeric modeling with artificial neural networks are proposed to optimize and predict the composition, technological processes and exploitation properties.



Nikolay Tontchev,保加利亚索菲亚交通大学( Todor Kableshkov University of Transport)教授,主要研究方向为人工神经网络建模及材料加工过程组织性能模拟预测,主要成果包括:采用多准则决策法研究铝合金铸造过程中工艺参数对组织的影响,建立并优化钛合金中成分与性能关系模型,采用人工神经网络方法实现钛合金性能预测,以及建立金属堆焊过程中的多目标多准则模型等。已发表论文80余篇。