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讲座题目:Manganese Based Compounds for High-Performance Li-ion Hybrid Capacitors

主讲人:曹国忠 教授





Li-ion capacitors that combine the advantages of batteries and supercapacitors. In this presentation, we will discuss the impacts of crystallinity, defects, and nanocomposites on the electrochemical properties of Mn-based electrodes and the energy storage performance of Li-ion capacitors. The first example is MnO nanoparticles with cationic vacancies and discrepant crystallinity and encapsulated in porous carbon were prepared through one step hydrothermal synthesis followed with calcination at different temperatures. Such synergistic structure endowed MnO with an excellent electrochemical properties including a much enhanced capacity of 650 mAh/g at a current density of 1000 mA/g. Li-ion capacitors based on such MnO anode and activated carbon cathode achieved the maximum energy density of 220 Wh/Kg, and capacitance retention was 95.3% after 3600 cycles at a rate of 5 A/g.


曹国忠, 1962年1月生,美国华盛顿大学材料科学与工程系波音-施泰纳讲席教授、化学工程系教授、机械工程系兼职教授。大连理工大学“千人计划-B”特聘教授、北京科技大学兼职教授、和西安电子科技大学兼职教授。发表学术论文600余篇(SCI论文440多篇,其中包括32篇综述论文),外文论著8部,负责编撰会议论文集4期。为汤森路透高被引科学家之一(Google scholar citation: 25,000 and h-index: 77)。兼任《纳米光子学杂志》(Journal of Nanophotonics),《中国科学材料》(Science China Materials)和《科学通报》(Science Bulletin)副主编、《纳米能源》(Nano Energy),《储能材料》(Energy Storage Materials),《先进电子材料》(Advanced Electronic Materials)和《颗粒与颗粒系统特性》(Particles and Particle System Characterization)编委。