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德国开姆尼茨工业大学Peter Häussler学术讲座通知
2015-10-26 10:28     (点击: )

主讲人:Peter Häussler博士

德国Chemnitz University of Technology教授


讲座主题:General Dynamics and resonant interactions



主办单位:材料学院 / 三束实验室

摘要:General dynamics is an elegant description of interacting systems. The individual systems themselves are described by so called dispersion relations E(p)which formulates the connection of momentum pto energyE. Besides this relation there are others so-called generalized dispersions where e.g. charge Q and E or entropy Sand Eare connected (E(Q) and E(S)). Dispersions describe a system complete according to the related quantities. E(p) e.g. contains the kinetic energy Ekin, the momentum p and its potential (the velocity v), as well as the mass m of the system under consideration – nothing more to know about this system.

If two of those systems are in non-equilibrium to each other in respect to p, and are interacting, a process will start to reach equilibrium. There are situations where the exchange is strongest, are under resonant.

I will describe some generalized dispersions, the fundamental mathematical background, and give a few examples including the formation of structures.


Peter Häussler教授是国际知名材料物理专家,德国科技与教育部Heinz-Maier-Leibnitz-Preis奖获得者。任德国Chemnitz技术大学物理学院院长、C4教授(德国最高等级教授),在合金电子论方面具有重要贡献,研究领域涉及非晶合金、高温超导及低温电子输运行为等。