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2015-09-18 17:32     (点击: )

题目: Ab Initio analysis on the structural and magnetic behaviors in the Fe-based soft magnetic amorphous alloys


主讲人:Yaocen Wang, Assitant Professor,Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University


地 点: 新三束实验室会议室(408)

主办单位:材料学院 非晶及纳米晶功能材料研究室

开始时间:2015-09-21 14:00



In this talk, the unique structural features and crystallization mechanisms of Fe-rich amorphous alloys will be revealed via ab initio molecular dynamics simulations. The magnetic behavior in the disordered alloy structure will also be discussed. We will show that although ETM elements are good for promoting nano-crystallization, they will inevitably reduce the magnetization capability of the alloy due to the charge transfer mechanism. According to the analysis, a guiding principle will be proposed for obtaining amorphous/nano-crystalline alloys with excellent soft magnetic properties.


Yaocen Wang got his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at Tsinghua University in 2004 and 2007, respectively, and received the PhD degree in Materials Science at Tohoku University in 2012. Been a postdoctoral fellow in 2013-2014, he worked for “Research Center for Ultra-low Core Loss Magnetic Material Technology Area”, which is one of the Japanese national major programs of “Tohoku Innovative Materials Technology Initiatives for Reconstruction”. He has published papers with unique views and guiding significances on famous international journals such as Journal of Applied Physics and Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. Currently, he works as an assistant professor in the same research program. His major research topic is the ab initio simulation on Fe-based amorphous/nano-crystalline alloys designed for energy saving, and he is also an expert on magnetic exchange-coupled thin film for data recording.