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High-performance Material Processing and Forming New Technology Platform

The platform mainly studies the special preparation and processing technologies of high-performance alloys, composite materials, functional materials, etc.The platform studies the influence laws of electromagnetic continuous casting and deformation processing on the microstructure and properties of materials and the digital technology of the material processing.


New Energy and Functional Material Design and Characterization Platform

This direction mainly involves the design, preparation, structure and performance characterization and application of new functional materials such as environment, energy, electronics, and biomedicine.


Major engineering surface technology platform

This direction is mainly directed to the needs of national major engineering applications, the basic theory of surface engineering, the development of physical and chemical surface coating, surface modification, and other units or composite methods.These methods change the shape, composition, structure, and stress state of the surface of the component material, and allow the substrate or component to meet the high performance and special functions of the application.These projects include plasma surface engineering, surface engineering of energy beam materials, thin film and coating materials, engineering surface detection and evaluation, and related teaching and research work.


Advanced Connection Technology and Material Platform

This direction focuses on the research of green efficient welding and connection basic theory, technology and equipment, and electronic packaging technology and materials.