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The School of Materials Science and Engineering originated from the foundry specialty founded in 1954 and the metal heat treatment specialty established in 1958. The Department of Materials Engineering was established in 1984 and the School of Materials Science and Engineering was established in 2005.College faculty is strong.There are 106 faculty members, including 2 part-time academicians, 38 professors, 36 associate professors, 9 lecturers, 1 specially-appointed researcher, 6 professor-level senior engineers, and 6 engineers.The outstanding talents in the faculty are numerous: there are 1 professor selected for the "Thousand Talents Program", 4 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, 4 specially invited professors of the "Cheung Kong Scholars Award Program", and 1 national 973 chief scientist and there are 3 members of the State Council's Disciplinary Review Group, 2 national talents with 10 million engineering talents, and 9 outstanding talents from the Ministry of Education.

The college is dedicated to cultivating outstanding talents with a global perspective and innovative spirit, a solid theoretical foundation, and outstanding scientific research capabilities.There are currently 763 undergraduates, 271 postgraduates, and 177 PhD students, including 14 foreign students.In the past five years, three doctoral dissertations have won outstanding doctoral dissertations in Liaoning Province, and two of them have won the national one hundred outstanding doctoral dissertation nominations.Over the years, our institute has trained a large number of outstanding graduates for all walks of life.The outstanding representatives after the reform and opening up are:Academician Wan Lijun, Director of the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of History and Traces, Department of Metal Materials, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Prof. Chen Weixing, Department of Materials and Metallurgy, University of Alberta, Canada, and Executive Chairman of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Xiang Wenbo, and the winners of 10 National Outstanding Youth Funds such as Zhu Min, RenZhongming, NiuXin, Han Xiaodong, Ma Xiuliang, and Zhao Yonghao.

College disciplines and professional settings are reasonable.Foundry specialists and metal materials and heat treatment specialists were granted approval for the first batch of master's degree programs in 1981. In 1984 and 1991, they were allowed to establish doctoral programs in secondary disciplines.The science of materials science and engineering received the first-level doctoral degree in 2001.The College currently has seven doctoral and master's degree programs in seven secondary disciplines: material physics and chemistry, materials science, material processing engineering, material surface engineering, polymer materials, material connection technology, and non-destructive testing and evaluation of materials.In 2006, it was approved as a postgraduate training ground in the key disciplines of higher education institutions in Liaoning Province. In 2007, it was granted a first-level key discipline in Liaoning Province.The college currently has 4 undergraduate majors in materials physics, metal materials engineering, material forming and control engineering, and functional materials, among which the metal materials engineering specialty has an intensified Japanese language course, and teachers from both China and Japan are cooperating in teaching.In 2005, the material forming and control engineering major became the demonstrative base for undergraduate teaching in Liaoning Province. In 2009, it was approved as a special professional construction site for national institutions of higher learning. In 2010, it was the first country to pass the engineering education professional certification.In the professional comprehensive evaluation of Liaoning Province in 2013, both the metal materials engineering and material physics majors ranked first.In the national university assessment in 2012, the first-level subject of materials science and engineering ranked 23/98.

The college has strong scientific research and fruitful results.School has 4 research platform (including 15 research laboratory), there are Platform of New Technology for High-performance Materials Processing, Platform of New Energy and Functional Materials Design and Characterization, Surface Technology Platform of Major Projects and Platform of Advanced Connection Technology and Materials, 1 Material Testing and Analysis Center (university), and 5 provincial and ministerial key laboratories, such as Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Three-beam Materials Modification, Liaoning Province Key Laboratory of Solar Photovoltaic System, Liaoning Province Key Laboratory of Advanced Connection Technology, Liaoning Provincial Universities Key Laboratory of Raw materials Special Preparation Technology and Liaoning Province Key Laboratory of Solidification Controlling and Digital Preparation Technology.In the past five years, the college undertook various topics such as the national “973” and “863” and national science and technology support, national fund key projects, and other major provincial and ministerial key projects and pre-research on military industry, and undertake a large number of enterprises and institutions commissioned by the development project. It won one national technical invention second prize, three provincial and ministerial first prizes, two second prizes, four provincial and ministerial level identification achievements, and 18 achievements.Applied for and obtained more than 90 invention patents, of which more than 50 were allowed. More than 1600 papers have been published by the three major search institutions, including more than 600 SCI, more than EI 700, and more than 100 ISTP; and an average annual research funding of 30 million yuan in the past three years.

Dalian University of Technology's Material Testing and Analysis Center has 24 large-scale equipments such as transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, and electron probe, with a total value of 50 million yuan, providing services for the whole university and society.The Material Science and Engineering Experiment Center undertakes undergraduate experimental teaching tasks in materials, mechanical engineering, dynamics, chemical engineering, shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, and innovation. In 2009, it was awarded the Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in Liaoning Province and is now declaring the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.